Align In Distance

Claudia Cortinez, Alva Mooses and Pedro Wainer


Using the photographic medium as an entry point each artist investigates a space of impossible alignment through mimicry and facsimile. These skewed traces offer an index of place through texture of surface and/or color.

Claudia Kaatziza Cortinez’s paper rubbings rely on and imply an existing other; the graphite works become casts of their subject matter, preserving the hollows of their forms. Alva Mooses’ pulverized stone monoprints toy with perception and memory through juxtapositions of color and texture. Her rammed earth works extrude the picture windows of neighborhood construction sites into matter-of-fact cityscapes. Pedro Wainer’s project Desentierros (Unearthing) offers a fleeting illusion of solidity when regarding the work through a stereoscope.