Can a Heart Beat in There?

Martina Cox, Simone Dunye, Kyle Finkelstein, Ava Markle, Max Popov, Daniella Portillo, Andres Salamanca, Jonathan Sanchez Noa, Jiwon Shin,  Kalle Wadzinski 

Can A Heart Beat In There?

Or is it somewhere else entirely?  

Ten artists, working in a range of media that is replete in pattern and texture, exploring the spatial boundaries of the gallery to anticipate the viewer’s walk around experience.  

Each artist communicates carefully with the architecture, responding to entry points of light and uninhabitable corners. At the moment between the seen and the felt is texture—mimicry that fools less than it pushes its referent further from reach, calling attention to specific feelings one may encounter. Similarly, quotidian objects are extruded to aggressive mundanity or melancholic curiosity.  The objects draw thin boundaries where one might bite down, sip from, wash with or sleep on. These conduits of daily engagement are echoed in wearable works, residues of everyday material, personal and cultural histories and subtle architectural interventions.