Points of Origin

Ryan Chin



Despite harmonious symmetry there is an inherent difference in perception between one’s right eye and the left. These ocular shifts are settled in the mind and expressed as singular image.

Ryan Chin re-traces this path from the mind to the eye and looks to Shamanism as well as early creation myths for examples of humanity’s proclivity towards dichotomous difference: good and evil, light and dark. Could this insistence on duality and comparison, a disconnection between two points, have come about as a result of our bifocal vision? What would a human consciousness connected only to one eye, with no necessity for comparison create?

To start, there are a few points of reference: Polyphemus, the cyclops from The Odyssey, the all-seeing third eye, a camera. Ryan Chin’s graphite drawings and tent sculpture use proposed interpretations of these mythological and historical markers.